Friday, December 17, 2010

Old Poetry

 Some samples of my old poems from before I met my husband.  Dates included, but not in order.

Loneliness comes with icy cold fingers, Numbing my soul, blinding my heart.
 She whispers of needs that haven't been met.
 Her words twist my thoughts, Until touch equals love and attention, desire.
 In the arms of tonight's lover, She sings me to sleep.
 In the morning, I awaken to an empty bed.
Her fingers digging deeper within my soul.

I come to you on trepid feet, scared and hurting.
 My mind and heart in constant battle.
I try to play the dauntless warrior, brave and fearless.
 My eyes a shield, my heart a stronghold.
 I hide my worry, hold back my love.
 I play the game, but fear the outcome.
I become a hardened veteran, aloof and unfeeling.
 My fingertips cool, my touch mechanical.
 I conceal my dreams, withhold my soul.
 I want your love, but don’t trust your motives.
I come to you on trepid feet, scared and hurting.
 My mind and heart in constant battle.

She closes her eyes and there he is, the man she has always dreamt of.
Describe him, she cannot, not in terms of height and weight, for he is more than that.  So very much more.
He is warmth and tenderness, intellect and humor, insight and vision, sincerity and nurturing.
He is her perfect compliment.

She feels his arms wrap around her chilled body, his warmth seeps through every pore like a hot shower after being caught in a cold rain.
As he holds her he tells her of her inner beauty and her strengths and listens as she tells him of her weaknesses.
He kisses her fragile ego and reminds her of her strengths once more.
This time she hears him.

She runs her hand across his face, tracing each line of wisdom around his eyes, hoping that some of his insight will find its way inside of her.
He takes her hand and kisses every portion of it very gently.
 He wants so much for her to trust him, to become a part of him.
They secure their hold on one another as their dance has just begun.

You are miles away, yet I can feel your touch.
 Your care worn hands gently and securely holding my trembling fingers.
 The soft roundness of your lips sweetly kissing my palms.
I am miles away, yet I know that you can sense my presence.
 My cautious hand carefully learning the curve of your cheek.
 The timidness of my lips as they taste the comfort your mouth has to offer.
We are miles apart, yet we know each other.
 The strength that your hand in mine gives me and the tenderness that mine gives you.
 The acceptance within your kisses and the faith willingly given in mine.
We are miles apart, you and I, but we are together

Drink me -
 drink me and feel the liquid of my love ignite your soul,
swelling passion to its fullest height.
Engulf me -
 engulf me with your arms, your mind, your soul, yourself.
Holding me as we become one.
Deeper -
fall deeper into me. Let me wrap myself around you like a blanket.
 My burning kisses and blazing touch will warm you like a fire.
Burst -
 burst within me. Fill me with your love.
Drench me with desire.
Protect me -
 protect me from the night, the hurt, the pain, the loneliness.
Become my armor as I become your heart.

Touch me - NOT with your hands, but with your soul.
 Hear me - NOT with your ears, but with your heart.
See me - NOT with your eyes, but with your emotions.
 Search for me - NOT because I am lost, but because without me, a part of you is.
Find me - NOT when I am alone, but within a crowd of people.

I am rusted barbed wire surrounding a vacant beach and vast ocean.
 I am a replenishing rain after a drought.
 I am the blazing hot sun beating down on parched grass.
I am the joy found in a child’s laughter and the sorrow held in a mourner’s cry.
I am a gentle breeze drying the remnants of last night’s storm.
 I am a nourishing meal after a long fast.
 I am the aching loneliness of a cold starless night.
I am the seeds of dandelion puffs blowing in the wind.

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