Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lucky, The Little Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a little dragon. His name happened to be Lucky, but he certainly did not feel as though he was very lucky.  Lucky's life had been hard for him.  He got teased a lot by the other dragon's at his school, Dragon's Breath Elementary, because he didn't live with his real parent's like all of the other dragons did.  He lived in a foster home with a really nice family of dragons.

Lucky's real parents didn't take care of him the way they should have and some bad things happened to him.  That is why he was put into a new home with the Fire-Flyer family.  His new foster family loved Lucky a lot and wanted to help him feel good about himself and know that no matter what had happened to him before that he was a very special little dragon.  Even if bad things had happened to Lucky, that didn't make Lucky a bad dragon.

Lucky, feeling sad and completely unlucky felt as if he must have been a bad dragon for his real parents to have treated him so unkindly.  He liked his new family, but he wasn't sure if he could trust them.  What if they decided he wasn't a good dragon anymore?  Would they be mean to him like his parents had?  Lucky decided that he would just be very quiet.  If he was a quiet dragon no one would notice him.  If no one noticed him then they couldn't think he was bad and they wouldn't stop loving him and want to hurt him.

His foster family noticed how quiet he was and they couldn't get him to talk, so they took Lucky to see a counselor.  The counselor was an older dragon, with fluffly black hair.  Her name was Sarah Snaggleclaw.  She told Lucky that he could call her Sarah.  Lucky didn't say anything.  Sarah, smiled at Lucky and told him that it was okay to be quiet.  She showed him around her office.  She had some toys, books, and games to play with.  She asked if Lucky would like to play with any of them, but he just looked down at his feet and wiggled his claws.

Sarah started to talk about herself.  She told Lucky all about growing up and how she used to be teased because of her fluffy black hair.  She told him that she had always wanted purple hair or green hair like the rest of the dragon girls and how the teasing made her feel so bad about her own hair that she began to be quiet and try to hide so that she wouldn't be noticed.  She told him that it took her a long time to start talking and that her parents had to take her to a counselor when she was little.  It had taken her a long time to want to talk to the counselor, so it was okay if Lucky just wanted to be quiet. 

Sarah handed him some paper and crayons and told him that he could color a picture for her instead of talking.  Lucky loved to color.  He drew and drew until before he knew it, it was time to go home.  The next week when Lucky came he went straight to the paper and crayons.  He drew lots of pictures.  Occassionally he would stop to tell Sarah about what he was drawing. 

This went on every week until one week Lucky decided that Sarah was safe to talk to.  He began to talk and he told her about all sorts of things.  Things like school, his foster family, and what he wanted to be when he grew up.

It took him a long time before he would talk to Sarah about his past and what had happened to him, but eventually he talked about that, too.  He was worried that when he told her she would decide that he was a bad dragon and not want to see him anymore, but she didn't.  She told Lucky how what happened to him was wrong.  It was wrong and it wasn't his fault.  She told him that he deserved to be loved and was a very good and lovable dragon.  She told him that he had a lot of good things about him and that he should share those things with everyone instead of hiding and being quiet.

Lucky wasn't sure if she was right or not, but he decided to try.  He began talking at his foster home.  He discovered that they still loved him.  They still loved him and weren't mean to him, even if he was noisy,  did things wrong, or sometimes said things that weren't very nice.  They still loved him and didn't think he was bad. 

He became brave enough to start speaking at school again too.  He began talking and he started showing people his artwork.  Lucky started to have friends and he was happy.  There were still times when he got teased, but he learned that he didn't have to listen to the teasing.  He could ignore it, because he knew that what the teasers were saying wasn't true.  He knew he was loved, that he was a good dragon, and he really was lucky, even if he lived in a foster home and his past wasn't so lucky.  His name was Lucky and he finally felt like he really was a lucky little dragon.


  1. Sounds Awesome. Thinking picture book are you?

  2. yup, with a cutesy little dragon...can't wait to see what he looks like.

  3. EXCELLENT!!!!! Sorry it took me so long to read - we have been out of town, I LOVE IT!!


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