Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Little Color

So my good friend's daughter drew this amazing picture which she entitled "A Little Color".  I love it.  I would hang it on my wall.  It inspires me.  In her description of the picture she says that she is seeking inspiration.  Her void has become my well, so to speak.  With her permission I will add the picture to this blog. 

A Little Color

I stand solitary and alone in the darkness. 
Devoid of color.
In the world that I have become stranded on.
I watch as life keeps on swimming past me,
Out of reach.
I raise my arms up to the Light.
I raise my arms and I cry out for colors to fill the darkness.
The Light sends me colors bright.
My open arms are filled with them.
Shades of purple color my hands and circle my head.
Purple, the color of royalty.
The Light has reminded me that I am His.
I am His and I am royal.
Suddenly, my surroundings seem less dark.
The life that is swimming by doesn't seem as far.
All it took was just
A Little Color.


  1. Perfect description of when God comes into the picture how the world takes on brighter colors. Good poem, good picture.

  2. I loved this! (Your "Small" FMF neighbor, visiting your other blog). :-)

  3. So glad you stopped by. Sorry it took so long for me to see it.


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